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2018-01-03 15:51:00

      广州宏丰光电高技术有限集团官网是一家professional舞台光度把握系统、视频把握系统、视频显示系统、音频系统、 技术实现 效劳为一体系统的集成商,是英国Avolites(爱富丽)旗下光度把握系统、AI视频效劳器等全线产品官方授权唯一中、港、澳区域的总代理商。凭着优异的产品性能、成熟的 技术实现 效劳和深厚的衣食父母资源,集团官网在光度把握、视频区域迅速崛起。集团官网聚焦底蕴新意产业,依托professional音响、光度、视频产品与集成把握 技术实现 ,形成底蕴与高技术相融合的愿景。集团官网发展过程中,不断与英国合作商和国内同区域翘楚交流合作, 技术实现 和售下得到不断提升,以一流的产品味量和精湛的 技术实现 效劳受到了用户的一致好评。 宏丰员工奉行“进取 求实 严谨 团结”的方针,不断开拓创新,以 技术实现 为主要,竭诚为您供给性价比最高的产品和无微不至的售下效劳。
Guangzhou macro feng photoelectric technology co., LTD is a professional stage lighting control system, video control system, video display, audio system, technical service system integrator, is the Avolites (love richly) video server's lighting control system, AI etc. All products in the official authorization only general agent, Hong Kong and Macao regions. With excellent product performance, mature technical service and deep customer resources, the company is rapidly emerging in the field of lighting control and video. The company focuses on the cultural and creative industry, relying on professional audio, lighting, video products and integrated control technology to form the concept of integration of culture and technology. The development of the company, the continuous and British partners and domestic industry exchanges and cooperation, the technical and after-sales, with first-class product quality and the exquisite technical service by the user's consistent high praise. Hongfeng employees adhere to the policy of "progressive and rigorous unity", constantly develop and innovate, with the technology as the core, wholeheartedly provide you with the most cost-effective products and meticulous after-sales service.




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