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2018-01-07 16:05:00

     毕克化学 技术实现 咨询(上海)有限集团官网为德国毕克化学(BYK)旗下分部集团官网,集团官网成立于2001年12月。广州分部集团官网位于广州市萝岗区广州科学城掬泉路3号,集团官网本着共赢、开创经营愿景,以全新的管理模式和周到的效劳,居心效劳于衣食父母。集团官网主要产品包括润湿分散剂,消泡剂,表面助剂(有机硅,丙烯酸酯,蜡),流变助剂,降粘剂,泡沫稳定剂等。 助剂虽然只占整个涂料配方的1百分比,但对改善产品性能如表面滑爽性、抗划伤性、光泽或改善生产过程起着至关要紧的感化。如润湿分散剂可确保颜料在涂料中更好更长期稳定地分散,而消泡剂可防止形成气泡易于 便利正式动土。
Bik chemical technology consulting (Shanghai) co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of Germany's BYK chemical co., LTD., founded in December 2001. Guangzhou branch is located in the science city of guangzhou luogang district leaders of springs road no. 3, the company in line with win-win, create a business philosophy, with new management mode and considerate service, service to customers. The company's main products include wetting dispersant, defoaming agent, surface auxiliaries (silicone, acrylate, wax), rheological agent, viscosity reducer, foam stabilizer, etc. Although the agent only accounts for 1百分比 of the total paint formulation, it plays an important role in improving product performance such as surface smoothness, anti-scratch, gloss or improvement of production process. For example, wetting dispersants can ensure that the pigment is more stable and more stable in the coating, and the defoaming agent can prevent the formation of bubbles and facilitate the construction.



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